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Whether you're serving a fresh can of anything on tap, sending your customers with a Crowler™ to go, or aging an extra-special limited release, Oktober Can Seamers and Oktober Crowler™ Can Seamers are the Way To Go.  




Oktober Can Seamers are everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

A modern design for a centuries-old technology; we engineered our Can Seamers and Crowler™ Can Seamers from the ground up specifically for the craft beverage industry. Our background in precision machine design, combined with our love of great beer has set the stage for the thriving business we have become.

Cans and Crowlers™ are our business at Oktober Design, and today over 1000 businesses all over the world use Oktober Can Seamers and Oktober Crowler™ Can Seamers to can their beer, wine, kombucha, coffee, soda, cocktails, tea, wellness drinks, samples, R&D projects, and more.


We care about our Can Seamers and Crowler™ Can Seamers just like you care about the cans and Crowlers™ that you fill. That's why we are constantly striving to innovate, and testing to ensure that Oktober Can Seamers and Crowler™ Can Seamers are the best they can be.

Oktober Can Seamers and Crowler™ Can Seamers are built with pride in Muskegon, Michigan, and we source all manufactured parts locally.

Oktober’s team of technicians and engineers build and test every Can Seamer by hand to ensure a quality product.

For Oktober Can Seamers, the appeal of both cans and Crowlers™ is all about bringing them to wherever we want to go.  Cans and Crowlers™ can go where bottles can’t, and they’re easier to bring back at the end of a trip. Cans and Crowlers™ fit better in coolers, and weigh a lot less too.  

It feels good to know that they can be 100% recycled, vs. glass and plastic which degrade during the recycling process. And to top that off, cans and Crowlers™ are arguably the best containers to preserve the quality of their contents over time.  

As nostalgic as bottles can be, so is the pshhT! of cracking a cold one.

Canning is still fairly new in the craft beverage industry, and we are here to help in any way we can.  We are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to support cans and Crowlers­™, and can also help with finding can and Crowler™ suppliers that may be more local for you.

Custom color? Special request? We got you.

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