The oktober model 7 crowler™ can seamer

The Model 7 Oktober Crowler™ Can Seamer is capable of seaming almost any aluminum beverage can size.  Each seamer includes one tooling set, and optional interchangeable tooling sets are available for end sizes from 200 to 300.  This means that (for example) the same Model 7 Oktober Crowler™ Can Seamer could seam a 16oz can and a 32oz Crowler™ can with an easy tooling swap.  Each tooling set includes standard lower adapters; other lower adapters for other size cans are available as well Here.

200 End (Includes 250ml Adapter)

202 End (Includes 12oz & 16oz Adapters)

202 End (Includes 8oz “Sleek” and 12oz “Sleek” Adapters)

202 End (Includes 330ml & 500ml Adapters)

202 End (Includes 16oz & 19.2oz Adapters)

206 End (Includes 24oz Adapter)

209 End (Includes 1000ml “King Can” Adapter)

300 End (Includes 32oz Crowler™ Adapter)