Oktober Can Seamers and Crowler™ Can Seamers have a standard 2-week lead time to ship. Should you need your seamer sooner, please contact for assistance. We cannot guarantee expedited shipping, but will try our best to accommodate you.

Custom Colors

You can get an Oktober Model 7 Can Seamer in almost any color imaginable. The drop-down menu allows you to choose from standard black, “custom,” or “custom prismatic.”  When choosing a “custom,” or “custom prismatic” color for your Can Seamer or Crowler™ Can Seamer, we will work with you to ensure you get the color you need. Please visit our Custom Color page for more information.

Drop-Down Options

We offer a standard 230V 50Hz motor as well as a 110v 60Hz option. Both have equal performance; the 110V motor only needs to be chosen in regions where the standard power voltage is 110-130V 60Hz, such as the US and Canada.  We can supply the proper outlet connector for your region.

MODEL 7 – F  specifications and compatibility

The “MODEL 7 – F” Can Seamer is configured to seam aluminum beverage cans with size 209 ends (tops). It comes standard with an adapter for 1 liter “King” cans.  Custom adapters for other size 209 end cans are also available upon request.  

The Oktober Model 7 Can Seamer is also compatible with seaming tooling for size 300, 209, 206, 202, and 200 ends. Additional tooling sets are available for purchase Here.