SL1-C Homebrewer Can Seamer

SL1-C Homebrewer Can Seamer
SL1-C Homebrewer Can Seamer
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The SL1-C Can Seamer is designed to seam aluminum beverage cans with size 202 CDL ends (tops). It comes standard with adapters for 330ml and 500ml cans and is set up with a 220V 50Hz motor for use in areas such as Europe and Australia. Because it shares the same upper and lower chucks and adapters as size 202 end MODEL 7 and MODEL 8 can seamers, it can be set up for size 202 B64, CDL and SuperEnd(R) (360 end(R)) profile ends, as well as optional can sizes like 12oz, 16oz, etc with optional base adapters.  

Additional Shipping Information:

Oktober Can Seamers and Crowler™ Can Seamers have a standard 2-week lead time to ship. Should you need your seamer sooner, please contact for assistance. We cannot guarantee expedited shipping, but will try our best to accommodate you. Thank you!

What is the difference between the SL1 Homebrewer seamer and the Model 7 and Model 8 Professional seamers?  

  • The Model 7, Model 8 and SL1 can seamers share some components and features.  Both produce high-quality seams.
  • The Model 7 and Model 8 are designed for professional businesses and continuous heavy use with simple and quick daily maintenance.

The SL1 was specifically designed for less frequent use and requires a higher frequency of maintenance per can, making it ideal for hobbyists.     


  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • Standard 16oz and 12oz cans, B64 202 ends
  • Same optional lower adapters and upper chucks for Model 7 – B seamers (excluding 200 end tooling)
  • Power:  1/4hp drive
  • Weight:  27lbs
  • Footprint: 9.25 wide x 10.5 deep x 19.25 tall
  • Patent Pending
  • Comes in any color you want, as long as that color is black.
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