What Are the Best Craft Beer Packaging Options?

What Are the Best Craft Beer Packaging Options?

The way you package your beer will not only have an impact on its sales and marketing potential, it will also affect the flavor of your beer. So we’re here to help you select craft beer packaging options that present your beer in the best possible way — both inside and out.

Weighing Your Beer Packaging Options


Collection of Beer Kegs

Kegs are the mainstay for a reason. They’re a simple and straightforward way to store and transport craft beer before distributing it. You can also safely store your beer in kegs for about three or four months before it starts losing flavor. If you’re a homebrewer, they’re great for storing your latest brew at home or for taking to parties. But kegs do have their limits, which is when bottles and cans start to look like an attractive addition to your craft beer packaging options.


Variety of beer cans

Cans have become popular in the craft beer world due to their convenience, low cost, and improved beverage preservation. They can give your beer a professional presentation at competitions, and they make it much easier to distribute your beer among friends and family. Cans are much more recyclable than bottles, and they help beer retain its flavor for longer. They’re also a great solution for craft breweries with a taproom for selling cans to-go.


Variety of beer bottles

Bottles are a popular choice because they can give your craft beer a unique look, and because a few people still believe that beer tastes better in bottles. That myth is fading, however, as blind taste tests have shown that people struggle to notice a difference in taste between the two. However, differences can arise over time depending on how they’re stored. Beer tends to lose its flavor faster while stored in bottles since the seal on the cap isn’t as tight as a can and the glass still lets in some light. Bottles are also heavier than cans, cost more money, and don’t recycle as easily.

Boxes and Carriers

Once you’ve decided whether to use cans or bottles, you may want to buy some boxes or carriers for them. Your options aren’t too fancy here; you’ll want to find packaging that is affordable, durable, and eco-friendly. But you’ll also want to consider options that will allow you to create an appealing and eye-catching design for your beer.

Creating the Best Beer Packaging Design

The best beer packaging design will reflect the identity of your business and of the beer itself. It should also reflect the identity of your customers, though you may not always know who they are until you start selling a lot of beer. Your best bet is to do your research on your competitors. Look at how they are branding themselves, and decide whether you want to draft off of their success or forge your own path.

Colors and Graphics

Choosing a color and graphic design for your beer can be a challenge, but there are general rules of thumb to follow—or ignore, if you're looking to stand out.

For instance, you’ve probably noticed that certain types of beer tend to be associated with certain packaging colors. Stouts are often marketed with darker, richer tones, while pale ales can have bright, vibrant colors. If you’re looking to bring in a younger audience, you might try bright colors, while older customers may prefer muted ones. If it's a seasonal beer, you could try warm reds and blues in the summer or rich browns and oranges for the fall.

Designing graphics for your craft beer packaging will go hand-in-hand with choosing the color scheme. They should complement each other and your brewery’s overall brand identity. If possible, the graphic design on your packaging should match the design of your brewery’s logo, website, and social media presence. Once a customer grows to like one of your products, it should be much easier for you to lead them to the next. 

Colors and designs are highly subjective, so it's good to get a wide range of opinions. Show the designs to your friends and family, or even your regular customers, to get a sense of what may encourage them to pick up a can or a case.


A great craft beer packaging design will tell you what you need to know about it at only a glance. That’s why it's critical to use a clear, legible font that can be read in an instant. If possible, you can also take the opportunity to tell the customer more about your brewery. Talk about your connection to the community, the history of your business, and the passion that you put into each brew. What inspired you to make this beer, and how do you hope the buyer will enjoy it? An attractive design can get a customer to pick up a can of your beer, and a genuine story behind your brewery can seal the deal.

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