aldea coffee

Specialty Coffee in cans to-go!

Hear how Aldea Coffee is changing the game with sustainability and canned coffee.


Bar-cart canned cocktails TO-GO.

Check out how Luna reaches new customers and adds revenue with expanded options in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Stella's PUNCH!

Check out how Stella's Lounge in Grand Rapids, Michigan adds to their revenue and makes their customers happy with their signature cocktail in cans to-go.


Margaritas in cans to-go!

Check out how El Arbol Taqueria makes it happen in Brighton, Michigan.

Littlefoot Coffee Roasters

"Sustainability is a huge factor for us and that really matters for our packaging. The seamer is great, you just plug it in and it works."

Founders Brewing Co.

“It’s been so popular that it was kind of a no brainer to order a second one for our other bar.”

-Melissa Rusche, Taproom General Manager

Speciation Artisan Ales

“I don’t think that they intended on breweries using it to fill 40 or 50,000 cans in a year but the fact that it has easily held up to that use is really remarkable”
– Mitch Ermatinger, Owner

Larry's at The Lawrence House

“It’s so quick to be able to use that I can continue to carry on a conversation with somebody about their drink that I’m canning for them right then.”

-Mike Treffehn, Bar Manager

SL1 Testimonial: Homebrewer Dan Stash

"For somebody that is just doing this as a hobby, this product is super affordable. Once you get a can seamer you can actually pass out beers in cans -- it really makes you feel like a professional brewer."

-Dan Stash, Homebrewer @gingerroadbrewery

State 64

“To be honest, State 64 exists because of this seamer.”

-Tim Little

Fetch Brewing Co.

“One of the many benefits of having the Oktober Machine is the footprint, it’s very small.”

-Dan Hain

Shorts Brewing Co.

“This machine is really, really easy to use. It’s quiet, small, fits exactly where we need it to, and it does a great job of sealing the cans.”

“As compared to the Dixie seamer, I like the Oktober seamer a lot better. It’s a lot smaller so it can fit in a lot more places, it’s a lot quieter which is really nice, and cleaner — the Dixie seamer shoots beer everywhere.”

-Zac Zeigler, Pubtender

Brewery 4TW04

“We’ve had zero issues with it, no maintenance necessary. We’ve run somewhere close to 10,000 cans through it, and it’s just truckin’ along like the first day we bought it.”

Brewery 4Two4 is a brewery in the north side of Holland, Michigan.


“Super easy…. I mean, it’s two levers.”

Elk Brewing is in the heart of Eastown, in Grand Rapids, Michigan aka “Beer City USA”.

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