Brite, Labeled, and Crowler Cans™

In addition to our state-of-the-art can seamers, we also offer a huge variety of can sizes for all your needs, up to and including Crowler cans. Explore some of our beer and coffee can supplies, along with our custom labeling opportunities, can carriers, can ends, and more.

Brite Cans

Also known as blank cans or silver cans, our brite cans are an excellent option for brewers who have their label designs ready and just need to get the product sealed for freshness before sending it out to the customer.

No matter what type of product you’re making, we have a brite can size available for your needs, ranging from the tiny 8 oz Sleek can, all the way up to the 32 oz Crowler. Need a size in between? View our full range of blank brite can sizes.

Custom Labeled Cans

For those who have a vision for their beverage branding, Oktober Can Seamers also offers custom labeling services. We offer these on virtually every size we have available, from coffee cans to Crowlers.

To make your brand labeling vision a reality, simply order your can size of choice, download our Label Template, and send your design to our team so they can work their magic and make sure your labels are perfect.

Custom labels come with a lead time of two to three weeks, after which you’ll be able to seam your cans and distribute your beverages with pride.

“Drink Local” Cans

The perfect solution for breweries that haven’t designed a label yet but want to provide a fast and convenient way for their customers to get beer to go. Our Drink Local cans range in size from 8 to 32 oz.

Plus, we can ship out orders on the same day or the day after we receive them, meaning you’ll be able to can your homemade craft beer even sooner. They also come printed with basic label requirements, such as the Surgeon General’s warning and an appropriately assertive message about recycling.

On the label, we’ve also included a blank space for you to write in the beer type, ABV percentage, the date when you canned it, and any other information you want the beverage drinker to know.

Roasted Coffee Cans & Lids

Fact: Traditional coffee bags like those you find at the grocery store are usually not recyclable. This is because the bags typically have an inner coating, which is great for keeping coffee from going stale, but not sustainability. They can be taken to an industrial composter, but many simply end up in a landfill.

Steel coffee cans, however, can be recycled with ease while still keeping your craft-roasted coffee beans smelling and tasting fresh when brewed.

Our steel coffee cans come in multiple sizes. The foil ends are also vented for off-gassing, allowing you to preserve the quality of your roast in a way that’s more sustainable.

Can Carriers

Designed to make it easier to transport multiple cans of your custom brew, our can carriers are great for packaging packs of beer and selling them in sets or bringing them to your next get-together.

Our PAKTECH™ can carriers for size 202 can ends are available as four- or six-pack sets. We also offer three-pack carriers for Crowlers.

Can Ends

In addition to supplying enough can ends for every order of brite and labeled can size we offer, we also offer standalone can ends. This is ideal for anyone who purchases their cans from another supplier or needs an end compatible with a specific range of can profiles.

We developed two sizes of can end holders that you can 3D print! Download the files for free and show us what you come up with.

Can Sizes

We offer multiple can sizes for your beverage needs, whether you’re trying to share your home brew with your friends and family or you’re a craft brewery or coffee roaster that wants to sell your product to the masses. 

Not sure which beer can size to use? We can help you out.

8 oz Cans

Ideal for those who want to sell cold brew coffee, RTD cocktails, or provide samples for brewing competitions, our 8 oz Sleek cans provide freshness to any drink in a slim, convenient package. Plus, they tend to be favored among consumers, especially if you’re crafting soda or other carbonated beverages.

12 oz Cans

A standard size for most beverages in North America, 12 oz cans are versatile and can be used for virtually anything from single servings of homemade root beer to craft beer and more.

Need a slight variation for your cold brew or hard seltzers? We also offer 12 oz Sleek cans with a taller, narrower shape that makes them perfect for those trying to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re a home brewer looking to provide an extra flair of professionalism to the beer you create or a craft brewery pushing out thousands of cans each month, our 12 oz cans are a great option for bringing your product to the world.

16 oz Cans

Ideal for anyone who wants to break the mold of standard 12 oz cans for their beer, our 16 oz cans are great for flaunting everything from your blonde ale to the chocolate porter you’ve been working on in your free time.

19.2 oz Cans

Looking to stand out from a sea of smaller cans at your next craft brewing competition? We’ve got you covered. The 19.2 oz can offers a robust way to show off your craft beverage in a distinctive way that will leave a lasting impression on the judges.

24 oz Cans

The standard size for a Tall Boy, our 24 oz cans are a great way to stand out on the singles shelf in the beer cooler. It also allows you to exhibit your branding in a way that few craft breweries are able, making your product stand out in a saturated market.

32 oz Crowler Cans

Crowler cans carry the same amount of beer, cold brew coffee, or other beverages as a traditional glass howler, but they don’t need to be cleaned and are easier to recycle.

For anyone who has ever wanted to offer enough cold brew to make your customers not blink for a week, or for those who want to offer their craft beer in a quantity that will impress even the most stoic customers, the Crowler is an unbeatable option.

Why Choose Oktober Can Seamers?

Our products are made by and for craft beer and coffee enthusiasts. We also care about your product as much as you do. So, it should be no surprise that we take our customer service very seriously—any need you might have, from branding to guidance on using your can seaming machine, we’re always happy to help.

We’re able to help you with customization along every step of the way with your beer, coffee, soda, and anything else you create. Learn more about our can seamers and our full range of products here.

Have Questions? Let Us Know!

Ready to take your craft brewing skills to the next level but not sure where to start? We can help with that, too. Reach out to us today, and our experts will be happy to help.

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