Who We Are

Engineers. Beer Lovers. Do'ers.

It's been a crazy ride since 2014.

What was once just an idea, quickly evolved from pen and paper sketches to a brewery-tested prototype, and has now become a thriving business. Online sales began in the summer of 2016, and thanks to happy customers we have continued to grow ever since.

Our team started with three mechanical engineers, led by 10 years of experience designing precision machines for the aerospace industry.  This experience is directly reflected in the robust, no-nonsense design of our entire product offering. The team also includes years of experience in automotive testing, parts acquisition, and general beer enjoyment.

Oktober’s shop in West Michigan is a busy place, and a steady diet of electronic music in the background keeps it moving.  The industry surrounding our location has also allowed us to source all manufactured parts locally which has strengthened our relationships within our community.

When we’re not at work, we make plenty of time to visit the many breweries in neighbor city Grand Rapids, aka “Beer City USA”.

Oktober: Customer Forward

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