Ordering Guide

Step 1: Choose Your Can Size

250ML Slim, 8oz Slim : Model 7 – A

8oz Sleek, 12oz Sleek, 10oz Sleek, 8oz Stubby, 12oz Standard, 16oz Standard, 375ml : Model 7 – B

330ml, 440ml, 500ml : Model 7 – C

19.2oz, 8oz Sleek, 12oz Sleek, 10oz Sleek, 8oz Stubby, 12oz Standard, 16oz Standard, 375ml : Model 7 – D

24oz, 12oz*, 16oz* (12oz and 16oz 206 end cans) : Model 7 – E

Coming Soon : Model 7 – F

750ml, 32oz Crowler™ : Model 7 – G

Changing between can sizes that have the same end (like 12oz and 16oz) takes a couple seconds and is
as simple as snapping on an adapter.

Want to Seal Cans That Have Different End Sizes?

As you can see, each model letter designation can seal one can end size. You can purchase Tooling Sets that can be swapped out for the other size ends. For instance, If you want to seal 32oz and 16oz cans, you can purchase a Model 7-G (for 32oz) and the “B” Tooling Set (for 16oz). It takes about 15minutes and some common hand tools to swap out the tooling set.

Step 2: What End "Profile?"

There are three end “profiles,” and they all perform the same. Just make sure to match the end profile your cans have with the upper chuck you choose for the seamer.

Getting Cans From Us?

Our cans come standard with B64 ends, so choose “B64” in the drop down menu
when ordering your seamer.

Getting Cans From Another Source?

Ask them which end profile they provide; B64, CDL, or SuperEnd (the answer “202LOE” is NOT enough information).
You can also order a new upper chuck for your seamer later if you end up sourcing ends of a different

Step 3: Choose Power Standard!

If you are in the US, Canada, or any location that uses 120V 60hz power, choose the 120V option.

Do NOT order the 220V option in areas where 120V is standard household power.

220V is for export only. If you are in an area outside the US that uses 220V 50Hz power, choose that option when ordering a seamer.

We can match the outlet connector to your location.

Step 4: Choose A Color!

Black is always classy, but feel free to get wild and match your color scheme (or don’t). Get even crazier
and go with a sparkly prismatic color. Whichever you choose, we will work with you to make sure you
get exactly the color you need.

Step 5: Shop now!

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