401 x 700 Steel Cans (incl. Vented Foil Ends)

401 x 700 Steel Cans (incl. Vented Foil Ends)

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Why steel cans for coffee? 

Freshness. Sustainability. Visibility. Production Friendly. Stackable. Available. Learn more here.

Box of 100 (Cans including ends)

401 x 700 Cans INCLUDING ends (tops).

12-16oz of whole bean coffee is recommended for this size can. 

The Model 7-H can seamer is required to seal size 401 cans (other models can not be retrofitted)

These steel cans are packaged in a 21 x 21 x 29in double-wall corrugated box with packing paper separating each layer of cans. The Vented Foil Ends are full-opening peel-off aperture with a center vent for off-gassing of goods such as roasted coffee beans.  The ends are packaged and shipped in a separate 6 x 6 x 9in box.

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