Why a High-Quality Beverage Can Seamer Is Essential

Why a High-Quality Beverage Can Seamer Is Essential

So you’ve just started a brewing project, and you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to share your creation with the world. Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

At Oktober Can Seamers we have a range of canning machines covering small-scale production canning down to homebrewer 6-packs. And if you’re a brewery that doesn’t yet have a to-go canning option, we’re here to tell you why you should consider one.

Why Choose Cans?

The first question you’ll have to answer when deciding how to package your beer, coffee, or other beverage is what you’ll be putting it in. Cans are one of the most popular options for a whole list of reasons, and we’ve got the list right here.

  • Preserve freshness
  • More convenient than glass growlers
  • Increased to-go sales over glass growlers
  • Hard to break open if dropped (and less messy)
  • Block out UV light
  • Have an airtight seal
  • Easy to recycle
  • Plenty of label space to advertise your brand
  • Lighter
  • Easy to stack and transport

Why Purchase a Canning Machine?

A bar-top canning machine is useful in many ways. The most common is behind the bar as an excellent to-go option. The convenience and smaller volume of cans compared to glass growlers make them an easy add-on during checkout that can dramatically improve daily sales. 

Oktober’s machines can also be used for small-scale production canning, which allows for a great deal of flexibility and speedy pivoting for product and consumer testing. If you end up finding a hit flavor that sells out on store shelves, you can step up to a larger canning strategy and be confident that it's the right move. During downtime, you can put together distribution sample flights and can up an almost-empty keg to tap a new one for the next day’s shift. Once you have a can seamer they often become an essential tool.

Does it matter which canning machine you buy? Absolutely! Basically, the seal between the top of the can and the body needs to be held to very tight tolerances, and the mechanisms involved in creating the seal need to be incredibly accurate and reliable. You don’t want to find out your hard work is leaking out of the cans after you’ve sealed them. 

Oktober’s can seamers arrive factory calibrated and tested and have a long track record of being “workhorse” reliable.  They are also easy to maintain throughout their long lifetime.         

Oktober Can Seamers offers four different models of canning machines that are designed for businesses to home brewers. They are designed to fit easily on any bar top and only take minutes to take out of the box, plug in, and seal a can.  

Having a way to can your product opens up new revenue streams for your business by expanding into additional markets and reaching new customers.

Who Needs a Beverage Can Seamer?

Restaurants and Breweries

A canning machine is a great way for restaurants, bars, and breweries to expand their business. With the rise of outdoor “open container” areas, changes in drinking culture, and more consumer awareness of to-go options, having a fast and convenient way to sell portable versions of your drinks can add substantial revenue without a lot of extra work and training for staff. Opportunities include pre-packaging for catering events, special releases, samples, product testing—the list goes on and on.


If you are a homebrewer and are convinced that reusing bottles or kegging are the only options, a can seamer isn’t for you. But if you are sick of cleaning bottles and—like us—think canning your own brew a sign that you’ve made it, we have affordable can seamers available. As a bonus, you don’t have to bother your friends to get your cans back.  

Coffee Roasters and Cafés

Oktober Can Seamers makes canning machines for both roasted coffee beans and canned cold brew. Steel vented-top cans will keep your coffee beans fresh while using an easily stackable and 100% recyclable package. Beverage cans are also a popular and convenient way to sell coldbrew coffee.

What Kind of Beverage Canner Should I Buy?

The right beverange can seamer should match your business and your budget. We have a range of models available that are balanced for affordability and use. The Model 7 and Model 8 are ideal for commercial use due to their low maintenance requirements, while the SL1 Homebrewer and BenchMK are more affordable options for hobbyists.

All of our can seamers are designed to be compact and have a small footprint so they won’t take up valuable space in your business or basement. 

Reviews from Our Customers

Still wondering how a beverage can seamer can help your business or home brew operation? Check out some reviews and testimonials from our customers.

“The Oktober can seamer has really diversified our canning abilities, being a small brewery with limited walk-in cooler storage space. We now can have 5–6 different 4-packs available while canning once a week. Before we brought in a mobile canning company and would end up sitting on 110 cases of only two different beers…”—Chad

“As a small brewery venturing into canning, we really needed something small and simple. In the Oktober lineup, we found exactly what we needed. Not only are we happy with the product, we are also over the moon with the customer service and the support that they offer anytime we need it. A truly 5-star business!”—Cellador A.

“Starting a new brewery isn't an easy process. It was amazing that this can seamer was easier than expected. I have no worries that my staff will be able to "seamlessly" use it!”—Ciara

“Bought this for my home brewery. It's built like a tank, and the coolness factor of offering can is off the charts. Highly recommend.”—Charles W.

Beer Can Seamers from Oktober

Model 8

The Model 8 can seamer is entirely automatic and perfect for busy breweries. It’s available in nine different variations to match a wide range of can sizes, from 8 oz SLEEK cans to 32 oz CrowlerTM cans. We also offer the Model 8 in a whole range of colors, including prismatic colors, to match your brewery’s brand.

Model 7

Our semi-manual beverage can seamer for commercial use, the Model 7 is built much like the Model 8. Instead of being fully automatic, the user just needs to turn two levers to press the rollers against the can. Seaming still only takes a few seconds and can be done with minimal training. The Model 7 also works with a wide range of can sizes and is available in custom colors.

SL1 Homebrewer

A more affordable option for hobbyists, the SL1 Homebrewer requires a bit more routine maintenance than the Model 7 and 8, but it's still compact, quiet, and easy to use. It works with 12 and 16 oz cans, 330 and 500 ml cans, or 8 oz and 12 oz SLEEK cans. As for can ends, it works with 202 B64, CDL, SuperEnd®, and 360 End® sizes. 

The BenchMK

The BenchMK is our most affordable beer can seamer. Instead of an internal motor, this canning machine is run by an electric drill. It works with the same can sizes and ends as the SL1 Homebrewer. An electric drill, however, is not included with your purchase.

Buy a Quality Beverage Can Seamer Today

Ready to add a new revenue stream to your brewery? Order a beverage can seamer today and get started just minutes after taking it out of the box. Oktober has everything you need including cans and accessories like 6-pack holders and 24-pack flats.

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