The STAK is a new way to depalletize (and palletize...) beverage cans. Typical depalletizers lift the entire pallet; the STAK simply lifts one layer at a time. This design removes the need for the overhead conveyor systems and the wire trackways required to bring the cans down to a working height. Fewer components means less cost and increased reliability. And fewer overhead components means less trips up a ladder to fix jams. The STAK can be fully manual, or automated with modules to fit any canning system.

  • About 1 layer per minute cycle time (approx. 360 standard cans per minute)
  • Capacity for full height pallets
  • Full manual version
  • Modular options for automatic operation
  • Capable of palletizing empty cans
  • Future designs capable of palletizing filled/seamed cans

We needed a simple manual depalletizer and couldn't find one that could handle full height pallets! So we decided to make our own. As we got deeper into designing it, it hit us that this could be something you might need too.

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