Meet Clint LaeTrea - Purchasing Director

Clint LeaTrea is a seasoned mechanical engineering technologist. After graduating from Michigan Technological University, his professional journey started in the aerospace diffusion coatings domain within Alcoa’s power and propulsion sector. Starting as a manufacturing engineer, Clint swiftly progressed to spearhead continuous improvement and lean manufacturing initiatives, concurrently facilitating the integration of automation technologies.

Transitioning into the role of a process engineer, Clint specialized in diverse diffusion coating processes, delving into intricate methodologies, many of which remain confidential due to their cutting-edge nature. Eager to broaden his expertise, Clint maximized his company's continuing education program, immersing himself in welding courses. Clint transitioned to the automotive parts supplier industry, joining Viking Products Inc as a proficient project manager. When Oktober grew from a joint side project into a thriving business, he stepped in full time to handle purchasing and customer service.

As one of the founders of Oktober, Clint is committed to fostering innovation and exploration. Beyond his professional endeavors, Clint finds fulfillment in his roles as a devoted husband and father.

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