Your Guide to a Homebrew Canning Machine Setup

Your Guide to a Homebrew Canning Machine Setup

Homebrewing is a rewarding and creative hobby that allows you to craft your own custom beers. If you're ready to take your homebrewing project to the next level and start canning your brews, consider the process of setting up a homebrew canning machine. We can take you through the equipment you'll need and the advantages of choosing Oktober Can Seamers.

How to Start Homebrew Canning

To begin canning your homebrew, you'll need to incorporate a canning setup into your existing homebrewing process. This involves a few key steps:

  • Assess your brewing setup: Determine the space available in your brewing area to accommodate the canning equipment. Consider factors such as electricity supply, ventilation, and work surface requirements. Can seamers come in several different sizes. Our smallest machine, the BenchMK, uses less than one square foot of counter space. It also is powered with an electric drill and does not need an outlet.
  • Research canning options: Explore different canning machines available in the market and select the one that suits your needs. Oktober offers a range of reliable and efficient home can seamers designed specifically for homebrewers.

Where to Get Cans for Homebrew

Choosing the right cans for your homebrew is essential to ensuring the quality and freshness of your beer. Oktober offers a selection of high-quality cans perfect for homebrewing. These cans are available for purchase on our website, providing you with a convenient and reliable source to consistently purchase all your necessary equipment.

How to Fill and Can Homebrew

The process of filling and canning your homebrew is a critical step in ensuring the quality and longevity of your beer. Follow these steps to achieve a successful canning process:


Before filling the cans, it's crucial to thoroughly clean and sanitize them and all other equipment involved in the canning process. This step helps maintain hygiene and prevents any potential contamination.


Once your cans and equipment are sanitized and ready, it's time to transfer your homebrew into the prepared cans. Consider the following points:

  • Carbonation: Ensure that your beer is properly carbonated before filling the cans. Carbonation adds the desired effervescence and enhances the overall drinking experience.
  • Fill levels: Pay close attention to the fill levels when pouring your homebrew into the cans. It's important to leave a proper headspace to accommodate any expansion that may occur. The recommended fill level is typically around 1/4 inch below the can's rim. This headspace allows for proper sealing and helps prevent over-pressurization. Also, be sure to cap on foam so you’re not leaving leftover oxygen in the can which could degrade the taste.


After filling the cans, it's time to seal them using a can seamer. The can seamer creates a tight and secure closure, ensuring the integrity and freshness of your homebrew. Follow these steps for can seaming:

  • Place the filled can on the seamer platform: Position the can on the base, ensuring it is centered and aligned correctly.
  • Start seaming: Once the seamer is running and the can is spinning, use the lever to press both rollers against the can.
  • Check for a secure seal: Once the seaming process is complete, inspect the cans for a secure and uniform seam. The seam should be tight, with no visible gaps or irregularities. A proper seal is essential for preserving the carbonation and flavors of your beer.

Choosing a Homebrew Can Seamer

Selecting the right can seamer is vital for achieving professional results. Can seamers from Oktober are known for their exceptional quality, performance, and ease of use. Consider the following aspects when choosing a can seamer:

Cleaning & Maintaining a Homebrew Canner

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your homebrew canner are essential for its longevity and optimal performance. Follow our guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing to ensure that all parts are thoroughly cleaned after each use.

What About Beer Canning Equipment?

In addition to a can seamer, you may need other equipment such as a can rinser, CO2 supply, and a pressure regulator. Oktober provides a comprehensive range of beer canning equipment to meet your specific needs and ensure a smooth canning process.

Our Home Canning Machines

The SL1 Homebrewer Can Seamer

The SL1 Homebrewer Can Seamer

The SL1 Homebrewer Can Seamer is a compact and versatile can-seaming machine designed specifically for homebrewers. It is engineered to seam aluminum beverage cans with size 202 ends (tops), which are commonly used in the industry. The SL1 comes standard with adapters for 16 oz and 1 2oz cans, allowing you to seamlessly seal your brews in these popular sizes.

The BenchMK Drill-Powered Can Seamer

The BenchMK Drill-Powered Can Seamer

With the BenchMK Drill-Powered Can Seamer you can achieve professional-quality canning results with ease. Its reliable and precise seaming mechanism ensures a tight and secure seal, preserving the carbonation and flavors of your homebrewed beer. Whether you're an experienced homebrewer or just starting your brewing journey, the BenchMK provides a versatile and efficient solution for canning your delicious creations.

Looking to Upgrade Your Homebrew Can Seamer?

For those seeking advanced features and higher production capacity, Oktober offers Can Seamers with enhanced capabilities. These models provide increased automation and additional functionalities to streamline your homebrew canning process.

Why Choose Oktober Can Seamers?

Oktober is a trusted name in the industry, known for our commitment to quality, exceptional customer service, and continuous innovation. By choosing Oktober Can Seamers, you benefit from:

  • High-quality construction: Oktober can seamers are built to last, ensuring reliable performance and durability.
  • Excellent customer support: Oktober provides responsive and knowledgeable customer support to assist you throughout your canning journey.
  • Innovation and expertise: With years of experience in the canning industry, Oktober constantly strives to improve our products, offering you the latest advancements in homebrew canning technology.

Order a Home Beer Canning Machine Today

Ready to elevate your homebrewing experience? Order your Oktober Can Seamer today and start canning your delicious brews with confidence. With Oktober's reliable and efficient canning machines, you can enjoy the convenience of sharing your homebrews in professionally sealed cans. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our products for your homebrewing project.

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